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Monday, December 13, 2004

London (sigh) Calling

How's that for an original title? Anyway, I put up ten pictures in a small photo album of my adventures through London. I'll post about that more, but the bottom line was the city and area really impressed me. I've been thinking about this city since I left (same with the day trip to Paris), and I'm surprised at how much I liked it.

Anyway, check out the pics, read my extremely witty captions, and comment. Seriously, I'm tired, someone spur me on to post! Or... sniff, sniff... have someone take the hammersuit mantle away from me!

2004.11 ][ london
2004.09 ][ london

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Very witty. Like an electric carving knife.

Posted by: Huang-sensei at Dec 13, 2004 6:32:21 PM

Spur you on to post? How can you need more motivation? Didn't you get the message from Snowy? I don't think you're meeting your quota. I wouldn't test him :-\

Posted by: Patrick at Dec 14, 2004 12:16:58 AM

Scarf needs to go, but otherwise very sexy pic. No details on what your left hand is doing..

Posted by: Plate at Dec 14, 2004 6:41:34 AM

Plate has no idea what he's talking about. Scarves are awesome, John, and it's nice to see you sporting one.

Posted by: tony at Dec 14, 2004 10:06:26 AM

Plate, I never grope and tell.

Posted by: John at Dec 14, 2004 10:56:57 AM

Tony, you are not Tony Robbins so quit trying to turn a negative into a positive. I will admit my little jealousy ;) that John has a pimp coat and a wool cap along with it would rock.

John, just tell that nutty soldier "what is your ass doing on my hand!"

Posted by: Plate at Dec 14, 2004 11:17:15 AM

Is this why the GameDaily budget is shot to shit?

Damn it, I could be buying a keg, man! If you want to fondle a bear, go to the forest! Damn youse! :)

Posted by: DCD at Dec 15, 2004 3:00:57 AM

You never mentioned London to me!!

And I was just going to invite you to Italy in the summer!

Posted by: Grant at Dec 15, 2004 12:18:53 PM

I'm mentioning it to everyone now! :-) Believe me, I was near a meltdown before I had to go to England to molest bears.

Posted by: John at Dec 15, 2004 6:48:38 PM

Holy crap, it's Plate! Where you been man? Be sure to read GameDAILY BIZ, as I'm in charge of that now. ;)

Posted by: James at Dec 15, 2004 10:30:34 PM

Nice pictures, John. I wish I could go to London.

Posted by: James at Dec 15, 2004 10:35:40 PM

Did Jill not tell you, John? Big Ben is BEHIND you.

Okay, I'm done being clever for the day. Or not.

Posted by: Mikey at Dec 15, 2004 11:04:01 PM

You sure that's not the fake Big Ben, Big Ralphie? He's quite the impostor.

Posted by: DCD at Dec 17, 2004 4:40:29 AM

james very cool! site looks kinky :)
alright fools, be back in early jan, going to cali for 2 weeks for holidays. send all complaints to my email.

im back bitches

Posted by: plate at Dec 18, 2004 1:35:41 AM

What?! No witty commets on the photo album?

Please allow me:

Picture 1: John's devilish grin, missing left hand and the disatisfied look on the bears mug leaves alot of unanswered questions.

Picture 4: Was John's rusty pipe experience similar to that of Abner Louima?

Picture 5: This marks where Aliens landed first! Explains alot of physical defects that society believes are traits of beauty. (Family Guy-Tornado eps.)

Picture 6: Is that a picture of "Bath" after John has used it? (Personal favorite!)

Picture 9: The Navigaytor at his best!

Picture 10: I see they lie in European pictures of food also! Seriously look at the size of those burgers if that was true McDonalds would be out of business!

Posted by: charles aka answerman at Dec 21, 2004 9:42:56 AM

I only have one witty retort to counter those. Wow.

Posted by: John at Dec 21, 2004 11:54:37 AM

Charles, I applaud your work; especially Picture 6. Gokurou-san, as we say here.

And John - even with the added (sigh), you still have a hell of a lot to answer for in regards to the title of this entry. NO EXCUSES.

Posted by: Huang-sensei at Dec 21, 2004 10:12:18 PM

Huang-sensei... my sigh should have given me a pass. And I'm still shellshocked from #4 and #9... the title of this post now looks like something from a James L. Brooks film!

Posted by: John at Dec 22, 2004 10:09:14 AM

I told you it was coming! This is my writing sample. :-D C'mon its all love baby! O:-)

Posted by: charles aka answerman at Dec 23, 2004 9:28:02 AM

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