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Sunday, November 21, 2004

At The Right Time

Rolling Stone - Four Stars
It's a reminder that what makes U2 so big isn't really their clever ideas, or even their intelligence -- it's the warmth that all too few rock stars have any idea how to turn into music.

'All Because of You' could be the garage single to make The Hives want to hang up their suits. This is a classic U2 album, but also a breathtakingly modern heavy fucker. Even more so than on ‘All That You Can't Leave Behind’, the music is enormous

Bigger than Halo 2 for me. ;-) And just when I needed it.

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today was the day! kick ass box set.
celebration led to u2 video-athon reminding us all that u2=THE shit

still have to listen. if the first 2 singles mean anything, it's going to be one damn good album!

Posted by: Jen at Nov 23, 2004 11:22:11 PM

That's gotta be U2's best album since Joshua Treee. Wow.

Posted by: DCD at Nov 26, 2004 12:17:20 PM

You hurt Master Cheifs feelings again. he worked hard on beating up those elites so you guys would notice. And now hes in his in his favorite warthog in the fetal position and hes bawling his eyes out. I hope you are happy. Go apologise.

Posted by: Teh Gymkata at Nov 29, 2004 9:32:09 AM

Where's the updates guy? Daddy misses :(

Posted by: Patrick at Dec 9, 2004 1:07:53 AM

Really nice album and even Vertigo isn't 'all that' compared to the other songs. I still dont know what the hell "uno, dos, tres, catorce', wait...that is U2 trying to be ""Clever"". ;D

Posted by: Plate at Dec 14, 2004 6:45:16 AM