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Friday, August 27, 2004

I Spy

FBI Probes Pentagon Spy Case
CBS News has learned that the FBI has a full-fledged espionage investigation under way and is about to -- in FBI terminology -- "roll up" someone agents believe has been spying not for an enemy, but for Israel from within the office of the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon.

60 Minutes Correspondent Lesley Stahl reports the FBI believes it has "solid" evidence that the suspected mole supplied Israel with classified materials that include secret White House policy deliberations on Iran.

Watch this one very carefully. Should be interesting to see how this pans out. If you're a news nurd like me.

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'Roll up'? What the hell is with that?

I want to know what constitutes solid evidence and what kind of solid evidence incriminates this person.

And someone needs to roll up on some real blog posts.

Posted by: Mikey at Sep 1, 2004 1:32:54 AM


Posted by: John at Sep 1, 2004 10:38:11 AM

I smell a Tom Clancy novel.

Posted by: DCD at Sep 1, 2004 12:31:44 PM

Strange how F.B.I. terminology is very similar to drug slang. Government listens to Hip Hop!

Posted by: charles at Sep 1, 2004 5:30:34 PM

Even after reading this site i couldn't realize it was F.B.I terminology. It was a surprise to me.
Government listens to HipHop? Ha-ha, but Government also consists of people!

Posted by: Silvia at Dec 26, 2011 7:20:12 AM