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Friday, April 02, 2004

More Rez


Relaunched our main page the other day. I think it looks really good, and the site should be completely ready for our world takeover plans by E3 this May.

Does anyone have this PlayStation 2 network adapter? Was thinking about getting Final Fantasy XI with the hard drive, but I don't know if it's worth getting the network adapter for.

More Rez

Anyway, I've been pretty hooked (again) on Rez for the PS2. That game just keeps me in a trance for so long. It seems like it's kind of tough to find nowadays, but I haven't really been looking. If anyone sees it in their gaming travels, pick it up.

Good news is the same team is looking at developing for the upcoming Sony PSP. That's my system-seller. Maybe when I'm not as tired I'll tell you why I like that game so much... but I'm lazy right now.

Even More Rez

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Have you seen the Everquest II trailer? Good grief, those are some graphics.

And I'm sad about Rez on the PSP...I just bought a GBA, and money is slim. I need Rez 2 on a current system. :(

Posted by: Grant at Apr 2, 2004 11:02:10 PM

Nice to see some Rez love on your blog. It's got to be one of my favorite.games.ever.

What is Mizogutchi up to these days? Didn't you see him speak recently, John? I want -- no, I need -- Sega Rally 3...but he's not with Sega anymore, is he? Which is fine...Sega's really gone downhill since the DC's death. If only they still had Bernie Stolar. ;-)

Posted by: tony at Apr 3, 2004 3:53:16 PM

Didn't he leave Sega?

Posted by: Grant at Apr 5, 2004 12:33:49 AM

So, John and I saw Mizogutchi speek, and he would not say what he was working on, except to say that e was keeping an eye on the PSP and DC (he did not say he was building Rez for PSP).
But here is what I would like to see....
Rez 2 for the EyeToy! Now THAT is what the game was made for in the first place.

Posted by: kat hunter at Apr 6, 2004 9:51:52 AM

You know what my problem is?
I havnt played this game.
Le sigh.

Posted by: Teh Gymkata at Apr 7, 2004 12:49:17 PM

I may be overrating it, but if you kind of know where the game is coming from, you'll really enjoy it.

And Rez 2 on EyeToy would be something. We saw a demo of this Trickstyle-like game where the camera captured your movements, like how you leaned and jumped and whatnot. It was pretty cool... the FPS thing was unexpected too, where you could lean your body and the character on the screen would lean out to peek around the corner.

Still, this PSP thing could be ridiculous for a Rez-like project. I'ma buy it for everyone.

Posted by: John at Apr 7, 2004 1:11:13 PM

I'm currently re-discovering this game. I own it in both Dreamcast and PS2 versions (the PS2 version moves slightly smoother, but suffers from slight delays you couldn't see on the original Dreamcast game). I think it's one of the most original games ever, specially concerning graphics and "interactive" soundtrack. It's hypnotizing, too.

Posted by: Sparky at Dec 21, 2005 7:31:17 AM

I have PS2 network adapter. The PS2 Network Adapter is a must-have! Assuming everything went well, you can test it out by playing one :)

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