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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Nintendo DS

So Nintendo recently announced a new system to be shown at E3. No, it's not the successor to the GameCube, nor is it one to Game Boy Advance. It's a whole new thing...

Nintendo DS Announced
Nintendo announced just over 30 minutes ago that the hardware they have so cryptically hinted at for the past few months was in fact a dual-screened portable system code-named Nintendo DS.

"We have developed Nintendo DS based upon a completely different concept from existing game devices in order to provide players with a unique entertainment experience for the 21st century," said Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.

I'm reserving my opinion on the matter; I mean, it does sound cool, but so did a lot of other systems.

However, I would like to note that, unlike some of the big video game sites out there, Gigex and GamerFeed did manage to report on the Nintendo DS without making fun of it. There's a place for parody and there's a place for news, and a lot of places seem to mix them all up.

With that said, beware: parody ahead. After all, this is a personal blog, not a games site. A number of mock concepts have come out, and some of them are pretty funny if taken with a light sense of humor or importance. This one is courtesy of James.


We also have this one, courtesy of "the man in the shadows." That's right, he has no name! He's the shy type:


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Posted by: me at Oct 11, 2004 1:24:32 AM

Nintendo has been able to reinvigorate the whole game industry. Not so bad !

Posted by: Sudoku at Dec 29, 2009 12:03:53 PM